The Sky Alone My Partner

Wolf Tinker and Joanna Erbach

With pen-and-ink illustrations by Joanna Erbach

In another place and time, he might be called autistic. Oumid is a keegrah, a shapeshifter who takes winged form to soar through his beloved skies. Even among the solitary keegrah, Oumid is considered a recluse. After years as a mercenary, navigating social interaction and political intrigue, he's retreated to a cave on the mountain, where he hopes to mend a broken heart.

But Karn has become a world sapped of its potential, held in check by a group of men whose mission and motivations are shrouded in secrecy. The grehti priests control everything, from the permission to change shape to the knowledge of other lands.

The shashigai are renegade priests, brokers of knowledge who oppose the grehti. They believe they can use Oumid's story to change the world. And so, on a frigid, windy day, a renegade priest climbs up to Oumid's mountain eyrie to find the man who does not wish to be found, and to collect a story that Oumid does not wish to tell.

Oumid holds the key that can free both man and demon from the oppressive domination of the grehti. Once, they hired him to destroy demons. Now they want to use his knowledge as a weapon. If they get to him first, they will take it by force.

Will Oumid come down from his place of peace, share his knowledge, and help restore freedom to the once wild and wide open land of Karn?

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Standard Edition

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Wof Tinker author photo

Wolf Tinker

Wolf Tinker has been a storyteller ...

... since he wrote his first work of fiction at age 10. From then until now, he wandered in search of a world on which and in which to tell his stories. That world is Karn. He hopes that you enjoy your adventures there as much as he does.

Joanna Erbach author photo

Joanna Erbach

Joanna Erbach is an artist, firebug, and lizardwoman ...

... who lives with one foot in the Dreaming. She has been illustrating for fantasy and science fiction projects since 2000, and has worked with authors such as Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson, Edward Bryant, and Connie Willis. When not working on art, she divides her time between rock climbing, gaming, and studying the strange and complex phenomenon that is the human race.