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The interview process

Preparing for an interview

There are lots of interview guidelines on the web, for basic information.
Tips specific to the autistic spectrum:

  • Eye contact - Make direct eye contact, especially when first introducing yourself. Looking away too often is interpreted as shyness or dishonesty. However, do not stare for too long at once. If the interviewer keeps looking away first, you can afford to make less eye contact. Periodically return your eyes to the interviewer's face to re-establish connection.
  • Dress one level above what is worn at the business. (see Clothing below)
  • Be prepared to shake hands to introduce yourself.


Styles of dress, from least formal to most formal:
  1. Casual (jeans, t-shirt, sweat pants)
  2. Business Casual (external link)/Smart Casual
  3. Informal (external link) (suit and tie or blouse and skirt/pants)
  4. Semi-Formal (external link) (tuxedo or dress)
  5. Formal (external link) (tuxedo or formal gown)
  6. dissertation writers (external link)

The Interviewer's Perspective

It is important not to view the interviewer as some remote, omnipotent judge handing down acceptance and rejection from a glorified throne. Interviewers are ordinary people who make ordinary mistakes in organization and social skills. Often they are far less prepared for the interview than the interviewee.

Companies generally have interviewing guidelines which are given to the interviewer beforehand. They include do's and don'ts like:
  • Don't spend more than 25% of the time talking.
  • Don't let the applicant get too far off on a tangent.
  • Don't just ask specific questions or you may miss some of the applicant's talents. Encourage them to talk about themselves in an open-ended way.
  • Do keep an open mind.
  • Do put the applicant at ease with jokes and smalltalk. Relaxed applicants open up more and give more information.
  • Do give the next interviewer tips on what areas to ask questions about (in an interview process with multiple interviews)

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