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Large office politics

Working for a large company is like being part of a medieval fiefdom. It'll have reigning rulers who must be shown the same respect as royalty. It'll have a hierarchy of ranks, and a lot of people trying to claw their way higher. It'll have social gatherings and culture and traditions that shouldn't be violated. It'll offer food (cafeteria) and protection (health insurance). It'll even have its own coat of arms (logo and corporate image).

Starting out

The first weeks at a new job at a large company will be about learning the people and the hierarchy as much as they'll be about doing any official work. It can be daunting to say the least. You'll be introduced to a long string of people, and expected to remember names, faces, and desk locations after one conversation. You'll be expected to figure out which person to go to about which problems.

Keep a map of where people sit and a list of names with identifiable features (red hair, glasses, etc.) to help with faceblindness. Large companies usually have internal computer systems to look up names, emails and phone extensions. If you're lucky, they'll have photos. If you're really lucky, they'll have an interactive map.

Take notes if it helps. It's perfectly acceptable to walk around with a pen and paper or a handheld computer and write things down while people talk. If conversations are overloading, jot down key information right after the other people leave.

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