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Contribution guidelines

This wiki is still very much a work in progress, but here are a few guidelines to get started.

Both people on the autistic spectrum and non-autistics are welcome to contribute. If you're autistic, we want to know what's worked and how you did it. If you're not, and you can explain some of the bits we haven't been able to figure out yet, or the social circles we haven't won access to yet, we want to hear it.

Personal stories and examples are welcome and can remain completely anonymous. Your IP will be logged by the wiki system but we will not release it or use it for any purposes unrelated to adminning the wiki. The only exception is illegal activity: the hosting company may be obligated to reveal IP's to the United States police if there is reason to believe illegal activities are taking place.

If you add a personal story, simply put it in italics and sign it however you wish (initials, pseudonym, etc). The idea is to keep personal examples clearly differentiated from general instructions. Instructions should be applicable to a wider audience, while personal examples give the facts of a specific existing situation.

When I was working for a company with about 200 employees, I made a private appointment with a representative from the HR department and told her I had been diagnosed with autism. She was able to rearrange my team's seating so that I was near a window instead of under fluorescent lights. -LW

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