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The Autism Spectrum Wiki

War Stories

Advocacy Organizations
  • Autism Speaks should listen to us

Blue Collar Asperger's/Autism Wiki

The Corporate Asperger's/Autism Wiki

A practical guide to living and fighting in the business world

Finding a job

Maintaining a job

When things go wrong


  • Why advocate?
  • Knowing your rights
  • Feasibility (What you can realistically ask for)
  • Advocacy methods
  • How to find allies and support
  • Examples and success stories

Daily Life

Help Why?

In human society, a massive amount of information is conveyed verbally through social networks. Those of us for whom social interaction is draining at best and impossible at worst miss out on information that is critical to survival in the modern world. This wiki project is an attempt to compile this information in a clear and accessible format.

Contribution guidelines

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